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EU Energy Saving Reference Framework


An EU Energy saving Reference Framework that should lead to a standardised reference application that will be developed in close collaboration with energy providers and will draw from applications and services already available in the market.

The deployment of the EU Energy saving Reference Framework across the Union in close collaboration with energy providers.


The current context – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the accompanying high inflation – compels us to accelerate the energy transition and save energy to ensure a sustainable, resilient, and fair economy. This entails making better use of the data that is generated all along the energy supply chain and to exploit the potential of digital technologies to reduce demand, eliminate wastage and reduce energy bills.

Smart meters and smart apps enable consumers to reduce and optimise their energy consumption and cut their energy bills. They provide greater consumer awareness and opportunities to monitor and control in real time the energy consumption of their appliances. Across the European Union, however, the functionality and availability of such meters and apps remain very fragmented.

The Digitalisation of Energy Action Plan adopted on 18 October 2022, sets out for the European Commission, working with Member States, to develop a common European reference framework, including an open-source reference implementation, for a consumer application that allows for voluntary reductions in energy consumption and thereby help reduce energy costs.


The scope of this action is to develop and deploy an EU Energy saving Reference Framework as a key tool to conserve electricity when there is an anticipated shortage of energy supply. Alerts are to be based on energy generation data and real time energy consumption. Clear messages are to guide consumers to adopt the right measures to ensure a good energy supply Objective:for all. For example, following an alert, consumers can voluntarily reduce their electricity consumption and thereby contribute to avoiding possible power blackouts.